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seal No lawsuits, no region locking, no forced proprietary formats, no drm, no three strikes rule, no 70 year copyright extensions. You can even monetise from your YouTube videos.

What? How? Why?

because we are a frickin community that’s why. Now I just need you to play the part as well and connect with me, share my music, buy the albums or listen free on spotify, use them on youtube, do whatever! Keep it fun, keep it simple.
Using pronobozo music for personal or professional reasons you must only need to do the following:


You must credit the music in the “Info” or “About” area, this is assuming you are posting on a video portal such as YouTube or Vimeo. See Below.
Music: pronobozo <insert track name>
Get the music @


Give a few shoutouts to your fanbase about pronobozo, help spread the word.


There is no 3!
But if you want to go one step further you can hide my logo in your video somewhere, whether it flashes on one frame or if you are wearing a pronobozo t-shirt. The more creative the better. Special offerings may be made to those that comply. >:) PRONOBOZO LOGO DOWNLOAD If you want to show me your video send me a message on YouTube or leave the link in the comments below!  
  • Def

    What about using your music in video games?

  • SuperMoonImagination

    Wow, I am amazed! You are the most generous and community-supportive music artist I have ever encountered. I’ve been making a non-commercial just-for-fun fan comic presented as a Motion Book on deviantART. It’s based on a classic cartoon video game series. While some artists have allowed me to use their music in it (under their conditions), others have declined. I don’t have a problem with this (it’s their music after all) but it has made it difficult to find awesome music to use.
    I’ll be happy to use, support and promote Pronobozo through my work. I will buy every song I use and include your logo on the final page of each part that I use your music in. Thanks for being so awesome!

    • Great to hear! be sure to link us up to your work in the comments. 🙂

  • 80N35

    If you ever tour, please consider me as your opening act. 80N35 @ iTunes.

  • Geo

    Hey Pronobozo!
    This might seem kinda weird since most people are giving you questions and thanks, but I’ve come here to apologize. A while ago I used one of your songs in a cartoon “Motion Book” experiment on deviantART; but I’ve got a feeling that although you encourage people to use your music, you weren’t too keen on he content/theme of that comic, right? (If so then I wouldn’t actually blame you.)
    I’ve recently deleted that. Don’t worry, I won’t be using your music in projects with that theme again. I’m still enjoying listening to your music and hope everything continues to go well for ya!

  • SmiJa

    What about short films or web series?


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